Male Hair Systems

begin your hair transformation today in 3 simple steps

Step 1 - consultation

When you arrive at our clinic for your consultation we will begin to firstly discuss your hair loss history, then carefully assess you hair and talk about your desired hair replacement outcome.  Our specialists have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to the different types of male pattern hair loss, therefore they will be able to recommend the best possible hair system for you. 

We will then take you through the various different options in terms of colour, texture, length and density of your new hair system, and take measurements as hair systems are 100% tailor made for you. We only use the highest quality human hair that is secured to an ultra thin membrane so it will give you ultimate comfort and feel as if it were your own hair. We will also need to apply some of our medical grade adhesive to your scalp as a skin test to ensure that you do not have an allergic reaction to our products. When your consultation is complete we will agree a date and time for your hair system to be fitted.

Step 2 - Application

When you return to the clinic for your hair system to be fitted we will firstly begin to prepare the hair loss area. We will then secure your hair system in place using our medical grade adhesive and begin to blend and shape your new hair to your desired look. The total application should take no more than 2 hours from start to finish and it is 100% non invasive, so completely painless as it does not penetrate the skin in any way.

Our hair replacement specialists are highly skilled in all aspects of hair styling so will match your new hair to the exact length and style of your existing hair. We guarantee that your finished hair system will be 100% undetectable and provide you with not only maximum comfort but also give you natural looking hair that feels great.

Step 3 - Aftercare

Once your hair system is complete we will discuss with you the aftercare process and book you in for your first maintenance appointment. This is typically every 4 weeks for our male hair replacement systems and will take approximately 1 hour. You will be able to treat your new hair as you would your own, so you can wash, dry, apply heat and style as you wish. When you arrive for your appointment we will carefully remove the hair system, wash and clean your hair and scalp, then re-apply. 

We will then restyle and blend your natural hair that has grown into your new hair. Our hair systems are made and fitted using only the highest quality materials to ensure they are long lasting, and we advise that in order to achieve the best possible look you will need to continue to have regular maintenance, and use the products that we recommend.

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